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Who is Your Target Market?

Defining your target market is an essential part of bringing your product/service to life. It’s not something that you can just assume. Take the time to research your own product/service and your potential customers. Here’s our quick guide: 1. Think about your offering Is it a product? Is it a service? How do people interact and buy…

Stuart BolgerStuart Bolger

Your Business’ Problem Statement

The problem statement allows teams to define exactly what the purpose of the business will always be so that they can revisit it when they aren’t reaching their goals A problem statement or “mission statement” is how your business defines a problem within the market and the most basic description of the solution to that problem. Forming Y…

Stuart BolgerStuart Bolger

Bytecast 102: Validating

Here on the Bytecast we’re going to chat about everything involved with starting a business with tips and tricks along the way. This week we're talking all about techniques and tips to help you validate your idea. Welcome to the Bytecast On the Bytecast we chat about everything involved with starting a business with tips and tricks along…

Adam GammellAdam Gammell

Snap Inc IPO: What does it mean for apps?

In the S-1 paper, Snap Inc explains that Apple is a competitor. Sounds odd, right? Snap Inc - the company behind the world renowned interactive social media app Snapchat - has filed for its initial public offering last week. As part of the process to be listed on the Stock Exchange, the company released its S-1 document to the public - di…

Stuart BolgerStuart Bolger
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