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Building the right team

Building a team is difficult, but not impossible. There’s a million and one things to consider. The tall kid? José Canseco? The fast kid? It all depends on your perspective. If you’re a startup, it means building a team of people who are passionate and invested into your product / service. If you’re starting something new - something that…

Stuart BolgerStuart Bolger

Brian from 8bytes

We spoke to one of 8bytes' iOS developers, Brian, about risks for new startups, VR and why young companies should choose Ireland. What’s your role in 8bytes? I’m a Senior iOS Engineer. I work with both Eoin our iOS lead and Adam our designer to build iOS Apps for our clients here at 8bytes. What’s your background in this space? My backgro…

Brian McDonaldBrian McDonald

Peter From 8bytes

We sat down with Peter to discuss his role at 8bytes, Ireland as a hub for startups and the future of tech. What’s your role in 8bytes? Day to day, I build out our clients' APIs, some Android apps and look after our existing client services. There’s a lot to do with such a small company, we’re all wearing a few hats between running the bu…

Brian McDonaldBrian McDonald

Eoin From 8bytes

We sat down with Eoin to talk about starting a business, exciting things in software and the issue of perfection What’s your role in 8bytes? I’m a Director at 8bytes and my expertise is in app development. More so on iOS than Android but we do both here. I take home my iPhone at the end of the day, not my Android phone. It’s definitely wh…

Brian McDonaldBrian McDonald

Adam From 8bytes

In this week's blog: Adam, 8bytes' Creative Lead, discusses mental block, inspiration, design and web development. What’s your role in 8bytes? I’m the creative lead for the team. So it’s my job to help our clients visualise their ideas, put that down on paper and try to round-down their idea to a core minimum. Oftentimes, people will get…

Brian McDonaldBrian McDonald
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