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Building the right team


Building a team is difficult, but not impossible.

There’s a million and one things to consider. The tall kid? José Canseco? The fast kid?

It all depends on your perspective.

If you’re a startup, it means building a team of people who are passionate and invested into your product / service. If you’re starting something new - something that hasn’t been attempted before - where a lot of research and hustle is needed, having a team that is dedicated and driven by the product / service / experience you’re trying to bring to market is the definitely for the best. Learning curves will be tough to begin with but as a team, you’ll grow with your idea.


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If you’re a department within an organisation, for example, your perspective will be quite different. Perhaps having a team with relevant experience and expertise is a greater asset than a team of several individuals with little to no experience. When picking a team, consider how someone’s skills can be applied to achieve your goals.

For example, an individual with an engineering background might be a great addition to a team working with business and risk management because of their technical mindset. Likewise, someone who has worked extensively in a business capacity can be a huge asset to a virtual reality startup looking to launch their new product.

When building a new team, diversity in experience, skills and personality breathes an energetic and resourceful work ethic.

An important factor to remember with any team is that they are made up of humans. People with emotions and commitments outside work with a huge capacity to learn and grow into their roles. A team of robots might be useful upon an assembly line. But when it comes to thinking outside the box, a team of dedicated and dynamic individuals can change the world.

Checklist when hiring a new team member: