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Productivity Tools For Startups


Here's 5 tools that can help startups and small businesses stay productive and focus on building their business.

When starting a company, it’s oftentimes difficult to find the right software that’s free but also works for you and your team. In any branch of your business - from internal communications to security - time is money. The faster and more automated you can make things, the better.

Take a gander at some productivity tools we've used in the past and ones that can really help startups save time, effort and money.

1. Hootsuite

hoosuite 8bytes productivity tools social media
Social media taking up too much of your time? Annoyed at having to wait until the right time during the day to post something? Look no further than Hootsuite.

The web app allows users use three social media channels at a time (FOR FREE) for dashboard analytics and post scheduling. On one hand, you can see how your social media channels are performing relative to one another and on the other to can chose when to post images, videos and links across your channels months in advance.

It saves you time, hassle and it’s free. C’est bon.

2. Google Drive

google drive 8bytes productivity tools storage
If you have a Google account (you definitely do), you’ve probably seen the Google Drive logo before. This Google App is so much more than a cloud-based storage system. For teams, it’s an irreplaceable yet free application.

Within Google Drive are three utility tools: Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides. These apps are industry leaders when it comes to real-time collaboration. Once all your team members are invited, you can see them interacting with spreadsheets, documents and presentations in real-time. Google Drive also has a built in comment feature (handy for clarifying this) and team messaging feature. The best part? All Mircosoft Office files are compatible - no need to buy an expense license.

It’s the perfect tool for people working remotely and with it’s full suite of features (at no cost), Google Drive is the ultimate team productivity tool.

3. LastPass

lastpass 8bytes productivity tools passwords
Passwords. They’re long, hard to remember and just an annoyance. There must be a better way to log in to my favorite websites and apps and stay secure at the same time! LastPass might just be the solution. Imagine it as your own, encrypted digital wallet.

It’s got a tonne of great, free features that can really save you time so you can focus on your work. From the basic password manager to the awe-inspiring “Auto Form Filler”, you’ll never need to learn off a string of passwords again!

4. WeTransfer

wetransfer 8bytes productivity tools files
Sending files can be arduous. Especially if they’re big files. WeTransfer is the ideal solution. On the free plan you can up to 2GB of files to multiple email addresses. Outlook, Gmail, AOL (heh) amongst others would struggle to send files this big over email. With WeTransfer, you don’t have to worry about that jazz.

This tool is perfect for designers, folks working with media files and anyone dealing with multiple documents.

5. Slack

slack 8bytes productivity tools communications
Oh baby. Slack is a behemoth. Slack can bring in all your communications under one roof. It will effectively replace your email with a user-friendly, instant messaging and file sharing web and mobile app. Less time spent signing things off with “Kind regards”, more time saved sending effective emojis 🤙 💪 🖕. It also has some great plugins/bots for gifs and the likes of Google Analytics and Drift.

No matter the size of your business, Slack can accommodate you. If your team is under ten members, Slack is free. Productivity for all!

These are just a few of our favourites. Tell us about your recommendations for productivity tools and your tips to saving time at work.