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Getting Started

Minimum Viable Product 🚲

In this blog, we explain the MVP model, why it's ideal for startups and give some successful examples of MVP strategies. Minimum viable product (MVP) is just one of many product development approaches. The MVP is quite a popular technique amongst startups and, in particular, app and software development. Put simply, the MVP is the most…

How Much Should I Spend On Marketing?

Deciding on a marketing budget ain't easy. One must weigh out the risks in line with your business goals and decide what budget is feasible for you and your business. Let’s face it. A lot of businesses do not understand marketing. On a very basic level, marketing can be used by businesses to help with their visibility and help them grow.…

How To Engage Your Target Market For Free

Selling to your target market can be tough and expensive. Engaging them doesn’t have to be. Selling to your target market can be tough. Engaging them doesn’t have to be. There are so many ways for you to talk to your customers in an unobtrusive manner that can garner your business repeat customers and long-term loyalty. Let’s begin. De…

Who is Your Target Market?

Defining your target market is an essential part of bringing your product/service to life. It’s not something that you can just assume. Take the time to research your own product/service and your potential customers. Here’s our quick guide: 1. Think about your offering Is it a product? Is it a service? How do people interact and buy i…