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Why I think DwellDown could be huge


DwellDown is all about empowering renters to make informed choices

The rental market in Dublin is a mess. Rents in the capital are now rising by almost 15% a year. The problem of course is the huge disparity between supply and demand. Fewer than 4,000 homes were available to rent across the country on February 1st. With less and less choice available it's now even more important to make sure you're getting a suitable place.

This is where DwellDown comes in. It's a community driven platform for comparing your rental property against the rent you're paying. Moving to a new area and not sure how your new home stacks up against others in the area? No problem, DwellDown will show you a simple breakdown of properties in the surrounding area.

DwellDown is all about empowering renters to make informed choices.


Building DwellDown for the future

We're strong believers in starting small, fixing a key problem, getting feedback and growing in a sustainable way. Chris, the founder of DwellDown is completely on board with bootstrapping in this way.

We started by building a simple survey to see if this was something people engaged with. We asked users to give a little information about their current rental and what information they thought was key. The response was fantastic with over a thousand responses coming in within a few weeks. This really opened our eyes to the problem out there. We got to work outlining our plan for DwellDown and how we could help.

We really wanted to bring value to anyone who came to the site. Realistically it was going to be unlikely that the property you searched for would have a review for the first few months. So we broke each property out into a geographical area and displayed a summary of it on the property detail page. The summary will show average ratings for other properties in the area giving you an idea on the condition of the property. Users can also read up about the neighborhood and see the average reported rent for the area. These insights are extremely helpful when you're trying to decide if you would like to live in the area.


DwellDown has been built to evolve from day one. Together with Chris we have a plan and timeline of where we would like to go. It will be really exciting to see this plan evolve alongside the growth of the platform. The success of DwellDown is down to the community and the early signs are very promising.

If you're currently renting and would like to leave a review you can do so on the DwellDown website. And it you're interested in the journey Chris has been taking to build the platform you can follow along on the Bytecast. It's our bi-monthly podcast where we discuss everything you need to get your startup going!

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